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Five-Way Alicia Nicole Designs Silk Scarf


Five-Way Alicia Nicole Designs silk scarf

Designing is my way of expressing the beauty I feel in myself…..in other women. When a woman wears [my pieces] I hope she’ll feel the beauty in herself too. – Alicia Meredith

The five ways in which your silk scarf can be worn are:

1. Drape the length around your neck, and pin it or tie it as you would any of your favorite scarves.
2. Drape the length over your shoulders and wear it as a shawl.
3. Open the folded edges and put your arms through the sleeve-like ends, just as you would a a jacket, as you drape it over your back and shoulders. (see photo)
4. Gather the two ends to the center to form a circle. Then, slip the circle over your head. This will create a cowl neck. Shape it as you like. This style looks nice worn over a top or dress, as well as under a jacket or coat. You may also choose to belt it at your waist, or cinch it and add a pin or brooch.
5. While still wearing the cowl look, turn the cowl around reversing the front to the back. Now gently pull the fabric edges along the sides so that the fabric drapes over your shoulders and across your back. Shape the front as you like.

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