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Wonderful Mermaid by Joy Couturas


Wonderful Mermaid back view

This bra has three views. This is the back view.

About Joy:

Joy Couturas

Milford, Connecticut

Fiber Artist

Early each day I walked on the beach, wrapping myself in its tranquility, loving the clean morning sky, listening to the gentle waves whisper their caress upon forgiving sand. This was my sanctuary, a place to renew, born again for a new day.

2010, Breast Cancer came, striking with all the impact of a speeding freight train. My being collapsed, devastated, frightened not knowing what to do. Life stopped.

In my pain I heard the shore call to me. As before, I arose with the morning light, the sand and sky beckoned to me. The tide came, lapping and whispering against the rocks. A mermaid called from the curl of a wave—Never give up, Strength—you are loved, Hope—everlasting, Courage—always.

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