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Vive la Différence by Edith Borax Morrison


Vive la Différence

Mandala technique in pen and ink on bra cups, applied rhinestones.
Pointing to where the tumor used to be, but is no longer. Celebrating removing the malignancy.

About Edith:
Edith Borax Morrison is an 18 year survivor of breast cancer who recently suffered a recurrence. During her treatment and convalescence she had episodes of pain and insomnia that she was only able to cope with by “adding a T”, turning `pain’ into `paint’.

Edith’s free-hand, free-form compositions evolve from her intense concentration on her experiences. Her Mandalas are exhibited at the Kehler-Liddell Gallery in Westville, as well as at shows and galleries throughout New England. She has won prizes for her work from the renowned Silvermine Art Association in New Canaan. Edith lives and works in Trumbull, CT, and receives her treatment at Smilow.

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