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Seven women showing checks from ArtBra New Haven.
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ArtBra New Haven presents checks to representatives of the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital, the Yale Cancer Genetics Counseling Center, and the Boutique at Smilow Cancer Hospital. The funds will pay for treatment, genetic testing, and compression garments for patients who otherwise would be unable to pay for them.

Thanks again to one and all for making this possible.

Savvy Tea Gourmet has designed the ArtBra Rejuvenation Blend of white tea, hibiscus, and other ingredients, and have sold out their first batch. More is ready, and you can buy it at their online store, or stop at Guilford to buy it in person.

You deserve a relaxing, refreshing, and rewarding elixir (with anti-oxidants), so try some ArtBra Rejuvenation white tea blend tea. It makes a great cup for after the Thanksgiving meal, or a sure-to-please house gift—and every sip benefits ArtBra New Haven.

Thank you, New Haven!

We had a marvelous time, and saw and sold some beautiful and poignant art. We look forward to seeing you next year. Watch this space for details.

There are two very nice reports of our event in the press. The New Haven Independent has a well-illustrated story about the event, and The Courant of Hartford has a gallery of almost a hundred photos. Be sure to take a look.

A black bra whose surface is patterned with, seemingly, alligator scales and moss, also in black.  The cups are encircled by black & orange tinsel and cutouts of orange pumpkins.  The right cup has a couple of black cat’s faces, but the outside left cup sports a 3" or 4" tarantula, in black, of course. A cheerful pink bra whose cups are nestled in pink marabou.  Above the cups are silk poppies in all colors:  yellow, red, lavender, blue, orange, ... with silver sparkles around them and in their centers.  The left cup has ‘LOVE’ appliquéd in the center.

(29 September 2013)

For those of you who’ve been waiting for them, here are the bras in tribute to Ann DeMatteo. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.

A thumbnail of the bra gallery, entirely too small to
  	     make out anything The front is four squares by five squares, each one different.   One is a criss-cross of black and a mottled peach creating four alternate squares in the center, four larger ones at the corners, and four pairs of stripes from the center to the edges; another looks like a compass rose on a light olive background; another is five five-pointed stars of a foliage and fruit design, and there are seventeen more; the whole is edged in a broad blue band.  The back is a (comparatively) small repeat of rings decorated with leaves, blue asters, and light red ovals, with a narrow blue edging around it all.

(18 September 2013)

Lots of wonderful stuff has come in! We have eleven new bras (see the gallery) and one wonderful quilt.

A golden mylar-ish zip lock bag of tea, rectangular, with a label showing the ArtBra New Haven logo, and the tea's name.  Next to it is a glass mug full of the translucent brown, with pink tint, freshly-brewed tea.

(13 September 2013) Philip Parda of Savvy Tea Gourmet, in Branford, has mixed a White Tea Blend “ArtBra Rejuvenation Tea”: a special blend to be sold under ArtBra New Haven’s logo. It’s an aromatic blend organic White Tea (high in anti-oxidants) with touches of peach, hibiscus, and rose (all organic). Just the thing to sip hot to soothe the spirit, while served iced it’s very refreshing.

The necklace and bracelet are strung with small silver and rhinestone spacers.  The clasps are magnetic hemispheres studded with rhinestones and tiny silver beads.  The earrings dangle on 1¼" silver rods, and have a small glittery stud at the ears. A sheer loose-weave scarf in grey and purple patterned silk with an orange stripe and shimmering metallic silver edging.

(12 September 2013) Two generous sponsors have donated items for the silent auction: Hot Girls Pearls, who make hot-flash-resistant jewelry!


The Alloro Collection, couturières of elegant clothes and accessories specifically designed for women who have experienced breast cancer, have given a gorgeous silk “Shimmer Scarf”

A pink jogging bra with white straps and edging, which has “go heal” in silver letters across it.  It also sports words of encouragement written all over, and is covered in ⅛- to ¾-inch fuzzy pom-poms in blue, white, and purple with sparkly bits.

(5 September 2013) Also from Therese McNally, we have The Cheerleader because everybody needs some extra support when dealing with breast cancer.

A black sports bra covered with sparkles, a dozen large white stars, and transfers of the planets Earth, Saturn, and Neptune(?), plus a pair of galaxies. A bra with shiny cups decorated with silver loops and swirls, above a black stomacher with silver bands and disks à la Thor’s costume in the new movie.  Accompanying it are a feathered helmet and (what else?) a very large silver hammer.

(4 September 2013) Therese McNally has added a pair of imaginitive bras: Bring the Hammer Down on Cancer, for fighting the disease, and Space Cadet, since you feel so spacey after chemo.

A red bra with a tricolor Texas patch on the left cup, a Lone Ranger star of sequins on the right edge, computer keys spelling out “Molly Ivins” on the cups’ upper edges, and Kathleen Turner’s autograph across the right cup.

(3 September 2013) We present Red Hot Patriot, a tribute to the wickedly funny columnist Molly Ivins (of fond memory). Autographed by Kathleen Turner—yes, THAT Kathleen Turner! Now, let's turn up the “Body Heat”."

A magazine cover titled “Natural Awakenings” at the
	     top, with an upper-body photo of an attractive young lady lifting a
	     small dumbbell.  We see her right side, but her head is
	     turned to give us a happy smile.  The left side lists
	     articles on “Heavenly BODIES”,
	     “BEAUTY”, and “Stretch and Heal”

(29 August 2013) Natural Awakenings magazine has a substantial interview with Gaye Hyre, covering ArtBra New Haven. It’s well-written and well-illustrated, and you can find a free copy at your local health-food store, massage therapist, and other such health-oriented locations. Or, you can see it online. We've found no direct link, so from the opening pages you have to click the right edge 9 or 10 times to get to pp. 20–21.

A white bra with Bigelow tea-bag packages (English Teatime and Constant Comment) covering the right cup, and on the left pink tissues in a small box printed with brightly colored daisies. A sky-blue bra eyeleted to show the white fabric beneath, covered with large rose petals in pink silk.  The upper edges of the cups have lines of pink flowers with rhinestone centers; the lower have dark purple violets, and the cups are each studded with seven miniature roses in dark pink.  The whole is finished off with a mottled purple orchid with green at the center.

(27 August 2013) We’ve had a number of bras come in this week, and four of them have been added to the gallery: Tea & Sympathy , Fairy Bra-mother , Floral Tribute , and zeBRA .
Or, go straight to the gallery of bras, and see them all.

(21 August 2013) We are pleased to announce that Stratton Faxon Trial Lawyers LLC is once again supporting us as an
Underwire Underwriter. We are honored to be one of the beneficiaries of their “10% Giveback Philosophy”.

A Therese McNally Creation

From Therese McNally (she of Cancer, No More Mischief), we have Their Royal Majesties:

Of her creation, she says “Whether real or reconstructed, it behooves us all to take good care of our breasts with regular checkups and medical attention. After all, they are ‘Our Royal Majesties!’ So here’s a bra to celebrate that royalty: 1940s vintage beadwork paired with hot pink taffeta and jewelry. Carry them in style!”

Successful Bike Cruise Night at the Lake Zoar Drive-in

(With photos!) Early afternoon the weather decided to cooperate, and we scrambled to retract our cancellation. :-/ Well, we caught enough folks before they make other plans, and the bikes and bikers wended their way to the Stevenson Dam. A delightful time was had by all, and all the folks made a substantial donation to the ArtBra cause. Thank you!

Our first bras have arrived!

We have I Shall Survive, by Maria Vazquez, and Blue-ming Lady by Janet Spaulding. And many more to come!

ArtBra New Haven to honor geneticist Ellen Matloff

ArtBra New Haven is delighted to announce Ellen Matloff, research scientist in genetics and Director of the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program at Yale Cancer Center, as the 2013 ArtBra Honoree.

Ellen’s area of special interest is BRCA I and BRCA II mutations, which vastly increase the probability of a carrier developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. For the past 18 years, she has been dedicated to patient and provider issues in cancer genetic counseling, and the impact of genetic patents on patients and clinical practice.

Ellen is one of the lead plaintiffs in Association of Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, the landmark case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, challenging the validity of patenting naturally-occurring substances from the human body. Myriad Genetics has patented the BRCA I and II genes, and holds the monopoly on testing. This has frozen research, and makes necessary testing unaffordable for many patients, leaving them to make huge decisions about their treatment without vital information. Ellen has worked tirelessly for the interests of breast cancer patients and their families, and ArtBra New Haven is deeply grateful.

Please join us when we honor Ellen at ArtBra New Haven’s 3rd annual Runway Show & Live Auction, to benefit under- and uninsured patients at the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital, Sunday, October 6th, 2 to 5 p.m., at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. For more information, visit our web site,, or e-mail any questions to We look forward to seeing you there.

3rd Time’s Charming

ArtBra is pleased to announce the 3rd annual ArtBra New Haven Live Runway Auction:
Sunday, October 6th, 2 to 5 pm, at the Omni Hotel in New Haven.

This year will have a bit of a twist—a twist of lemon, that is. Our afternoon entertainment will include a lovely tea—sandwiches, dainties, bubbly punch and all. (I looked up what they serve at Buckingham Palace. Why should the Queen have all the fun?)

So mark your calendars, get your friends and family together, and reserve a table. It’s the social event of the season!

Great News ~ We’re Official!
ArtBra New Haven
is now a full-fledged 501(c)(3)

Archive of 2013 News

Check out 2012’s auction, its Art Bras, Fine Art, and Other Items.

Or you can go back to 2011’s Gallery of Bras and the Gallery of Artwork.

ArtBra-New Haven is the expression of the community of survivors, supporters, and artists, in celebration of and thanks to the wonderful people who helped get us through the odyssey of breast cancer.

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All proceeds will benefit under- and un-insured patients at Smilow Cancer Hospital’s Breast Center

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